Our Solutions

Macadamia Farm Management is the largest Macadamia farm management company in the world, providing clients with management services and advice on all aspects of growing Macadamias. We assist investors from the initial stages of entry into the industry, from compiling financial viability reports, assessing agricultural properties for their Macadamia growing suitability, converting dormant agricultural land by establishing new orchards, and rejuvenating deteriorated orchards to optimise fruit-bearing capacity and quality.

Investing in the Macadamia industry is not just a matter of managing a Macadamia orchard. It requires an in-depth understanding of business, the Australian agricultural landscape and horticultural expertise. Gaining extended knowledge on any one of these fields can take decades and investors are often left with no other option than having to consult several different experts to manage their orchards in a way that will ensure them a return on investment. This is costly and does not allow for any scope or resources to use towards research and development aimed at refining existing practices or resolving other growing challenges. This often leads to growers experiencing difficulties in keeping abreast of industry changes or not being able to adapt to those changes quickly enough to retain a cutting edge.

Because we have been growing Macadamias for more than three decades, we know that the ultimate success or failure of any business lies in making well-informed decisions. Any misguided steps made today, will most definitely manifest 10 or 20 years down the line. To stay informed and up to date with industry changes, we invest a significant number of resources towards research to enhance our existing operations in a way that will enable us to continue providing world-class services to our investors and ensure above-average returns on investments.

Most of our younger orchards will reach maturity in about 5 years and that, combined with the global expansion of the industry, might lead to growing concerns about an oversupply that could result in price reductions. Exceptional quality will be the determining factor that ensures a continued global demand, even when prices are below average. Having access to leading researchers and science-based advice enables us to continuously deliver Macadamias that meet export quality standards. Our continued efforts towards improving yields and quality, make us an award-winning management company recognised by the Australian Macadamia Society, as being the most productive in the small farm category with our younger orchards delivering 1,45 tons of saleable kernel per hectare. We have also been given multiple awards for providing best quality macadamias in both the small – and large farm categories.

We also implement other annual ad-hoc projects to proactively address challenges that cannot be resolved by current industry research. These challenges are not limited to yield and quality but include a variety of considerations involved in the whole process of growing and delivering quality Macadamias. This has led us to develop our own technology to aid in increasing harvest efficiency as well as nut storing and sorting efficiency.