Thursday, June 24, 2021
Why Engage Us?

At Macadamia Farm Management our goal is to ensure that your investment in Australian agriculture is in the top quartile of farm performance. To achieve this, both purchase and management decisions are critical for your investment to prove successful.

Expected higher returns flow directly from above average management skills employed on above average farm land.

With over 25 years industry experience we believe the keys to your successful long term investment in Australian farming are:

  • Ensuring you purchase the right property in the right region
    • Some areas represent better opportunities than others
    • Soil type is just as important as rainfall
    • Soil fertility status is critical
    • Infrastructure is costly. The standard of water, silos, housing, fencing, roads and sheds need to be factored in to price negotiations
    • Community facilities and support are important elements in staff retention and resale values
  • You paying the right price for the property. Our analysis of farm financial performance and land values highlights the opportunities and ensures you will avoid the pitfalls of purchasing property with minimal possibility of an acceptable financial return
  • Ensuring that the management of your property is first class. We will tailor the management to best meet the investors requirements and risk tolerance
  • Managing your risks - operational, seasonal, and price. Our experienced team will work with you to develop an annual farm program to manage these risks and benefit from the seasonal and price upside

Macadamia Farm Management

Macadamia Farm Management has the experience and information to ensure that all of these factors are carefully considered when making your property investment.

By choosing Australia to invest in, you will have a number of competitive advantages in the production and export of agricultural commodities which include:

  • A stable democracy
  • Excellent Macadamia production support - suppliers, contractors, agronomists, marketers, researchers
  • Excellent Macadamia handling, storage and export infrastructure
  • Proximity to Asian growth markets
  • Secure legal land tenure
  • Cheap and abundant land relative to other traditional Macadamia growing areas.
  • A sound and well developed banking sector with low government debt
  • An agricultural sector focused on export markets that is competitive without government subsidies

Contact us and let your business benefit from our experience.

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