Thursday, June 24, 2021
Our Investors

Macadamia Farm Management has various types of investors, ranging from:

  • Corporate structured financial funds
  • Australian Businesses and Trusts
  • Financial investors
  • Accountants
  • Doctors
  • Retirees
  • Existing farmers
  • Foreign Investors

Macadamia Farm Management offers investors the opportunity to invest in Australian Agriculture. The reasons for investment vary from client to client. The investment in its size and reason, can  also vary. The benefits of tax are still very much a reason to invest in Macadamias. This however, is not the sole reason. 


“Macadamia Farm Management has managed our property through all stages from the initial acquisition of land to our current focus on maximising yield. We have been delighted with the team’s active management approach that looks to optimise returns in the short and medium term. BUM has allowed us to minimise operating costs through sharing machinery. We look forward to continuing our long term relationship with Macadamia Farm Management.”

“After deciding to invest in macadamia orchards in Australia we investigated availability of established orchards in the various growing areas. As we are not in a position to directly manage the orchards ourselves we needed to be sure that wherever we invested we were able to engage experienced and professional orchard managers that could provide ongoing improvement within given financial parameters. In this regard we needed to feel confident that the orchard management was carried out by professionals that would operate the orchard as if it was their own.
We purchased an orchard in the Gympie region where the manager is a part owner and forms an important part of the ownership partnership.
Understanding that this arrangement was not always available we discovered Macadamia Farm Management Pty Ltd, MFM, which is owned and operated by Scott Allcott. We quickly understood that the business model that Scott operated was in line with our requirements and soon started looking for a suitable property in the Bundaberg region knowing that MFM would be the ideal company to manage it.
A suitable property became available in Bundaberg and Scott / MFM has been managing it from day one. I can say that he has directly contributed to improved performance of the orchard and we are confident that this will continue. We would have no hesitation in engaging MFM to manage other orchards that we may acquire in the future.”

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