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Macadamia Farm Management

Scott Gregson-Allcott – Managing Director

Rhodesian-born Scott Allcott migrated to Australia in 1997 to continue his studies in agriculture. In 2001 he attained a Bachelor in Crop Science from The University of Queensland. He went on to manage a large vegetable seedling nursery in Bowen, North Queensland, then re-located to Bundaberg to establish a large macadamia nursery. During his three years at MACQ he became familiar with the macadamia industry, supplying grafted macadamia trees to major stakeholders within the industry. He purchased the Macadamia Farm Management (MFM) business in 2010, and currently owns and operates the business in Bundaberg. MFM currently manages over 260,000 trees throughout the Bundaberg region, ranging in variety and age. He has recently undertaken extensive work to improve quality and production through improvements and modifications to his post handling of NIS and  a complete overhaul of his nutritional program. 

Macadamia Farm ManagementDavid Harris – Operations Manager

David has spent much of his working life farming in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), where he won awards for his farming expertise and represented farmer associations on the Oilseed Executive and the Potato Growers Association and represented those on the Board of the Agricultural Research Trust Farm.

Crops that David grew while in Zimbabwe, both irrigated and dry land include; potatoes year round, summer maize, soya beans and winter wheat.

Between 1995 and 2003 David was the owner/manager of two farms growing these crops.

In 2003 David and his family exited Zimbabwe following the unenviable experience of the loss of their farming enterprise to the government take over process. David came to Australian horticulture with a reputation as a dynamic and entrepreneurial farmer.

David purchased a mature macadamia orchard at Greens Creek, Gympie, which had declined through neglect in every respect. David rebuilt the orchard to be recognised as one of the premium macadamia operations in the Australian industry.

In early 2013 David sold his Gympie orchard and commenced employment with MFM

Macadamia Farm ManagementJohn Tootell – Office Manager

Born in Queensland, and coming off the farm, John initially undertook a trade apprenticeship in heavy industrial fitting and welding. During this time John worked on the manufacture and repair of sugar milling and mining equipment.

In 1985 John left the engineering industry and started in the macadamia industry, taking up a position on a 20,000 tree orchard on the Sunshine Coast. For the next 20 years John worked on this orchard, much of the time as manager. During this time he was responsible for everything from the propagation of macadamia nuts to the processing of the nuts in the factory.

In 2005 John and his family moved to Bundaberg where he took up a position with Macadamia Farm Management Pty. Ltd. After a short period of time learning from the ground up how the orchards operated he was given an administrative position with MFM where he remains today as Office Manager.

Macadamia Farm ManagementDavid Anderson – Maintenance/Workshop Manager

 David was born into a farming family in Bundaberg. After finishing his schooling David went to work on his father’s sugar cane farm and later joined his father in a sugar cane harvesting contracting company.

In February 1993 David started working in the macadamia industry where he put much of the mechanical knowledge gained in the sugar cane industry to use with macadamia machinery. David has always been one to get in and get the job done. This shows his abilities to understand the mechanics of the macadamia industry and has resulted in his engineering designs delivering major efficiencies with the machinery he has developed.

David has been instrumental in the development and manufacture of tree spraying equipment, nut harvesting machines, nut dehuskers, soil profilers as well as other machinery, which is still to this day being used within the industry.

David has long been a driving force behind the mechanisation of handling and sorting of macadamia nut in shell. One of David’s greatest achievements has been the construction of a state of the art drying facility. BundySort is the largest Bungay drying system in the macadamia industry.

Sonya Gregson-Allcott – Accounts Manager

Sonya Gregson-Allcott is a Director of MFM and manages the accounts. With several different entities working out of one office, the data entry and bookkeeping is paramount to keeping the system moving in a transparent and accurate manner. Sonya is married to Scott, and works in the office fulltime. Sonya works closely with an independent bookkeeping firm in Bundaberg and manages the MYOB files on a monthly basis.

Macadamia Farm ManagementRobert Hobson – Operations Supervisor

Robert commenced employment with Macadamia Farm Management in 2002. He started at ground level and has learnt all aspects of property management from land preparation, pest monitoring, machinery operation through to running the receival plant.

Before moving to his current position with MFM, Robert managed a large orchard at Alloway. This allowed Robert to broaden and better the skills that he had already learnt.

Robert is married with 3 children. 

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