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About Macadamia Farm Management (MFM)

Macadamia Farm Management (MFM) was established in 1987 in response to an increasing demand for specialist, high quality farm management in the macadamia industry.  MFM is now Australia's largest manager of trees for both private individuals and companies.

Associated with MFM is another company Bundaberg Macadamias Pty Ltd (BUM) which is a service company operating out of the same offices at the same address. BUM owns all moveable plant and machinery plus all plant and equipment involved in the receiving of Nut in Shell (NIS), its cleaning, sorting, drying and dispatch to the investors chosen processor.


To help grow and maintain the sustainability
of the Australian Macadamia industry
with improved economies of scale.  


Macadamia Farm Management 

Our Partners

Bundaberg Macadamias

Bundaberg Macadamias Pty Ltd (BUM) is a non-profit service company for its shareholders. Their main purpose is to provide efficient machinery to service each property maximizing the economies of scale and reducing capital.

As a co-operative company owned by the property owners, shareholding is based on actual hectares planted to macadamias.

Bundaberg Macadamias:

  • Buys some new equipment outright but leases larger items.
  • Machinery is rotated around the properties on a needs basis and this is managed and operated by MFM employees.
  • Maintains its own machinery but uses outside assistance on the more technical maintenance.
  • Constructs some machinery for its own use. This is normally larger scale advanced machines that are not available from outside manufacturers. This has been a key element in gaining efficiencies for a larger scale operation.
  • Contracts machinery out to independent macadamia growers within the Bundaberg region.

Bundaberg Sugar Ltd

Bundaberg Sugar Ltd and BUM have joined together to form a company called BundySort Pty Ltd. BundySort Pty Ltd is managed by MFM.

BundySort Pty Ltd

BundySort Pty Ltd is a sorting and drying service company to its shareholders and the local macadamia industry.

BundySort has developed Australia’s largest ‘on farm’ nut drying and sorting facility which has the capacity to sort and dry 4,000 tons of nut annually.

This facility utilises passive solar drying as well as electrical drying when required. A state of the art Image sorter, with a capacity of over 3 tons per hour is also used.  The image sorting of nuts being yet another industry first introduced by MFM.

Bundy Skip Bins Pty Ltd

Bundy Skip Bins (BSB) is another company that is operated from the MFM offices.

BSB operates two hook lift trucks and has an array of 10, 20 and 30 cubic metre skip bins. BSB has developed a mobile skip silo, to maintain on farm quality by having the nut on air immediately after harvest. During the macadamia nut harvest season several skip bins are allocated to the task of transporting macadamia nuts in shell from the harvester in the field to the BundySort facility.
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