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Macadamia Farm Management

Macadamia Farm Management was established in 1987 in response to an increasing demand for specialist, high quality farm management in the macadamia industry.  MFM is now Australia's largest manager of trees for both private individuals and companies.

Associated with Macadamia Farm Management is another company Bundaberg Macadamias Pty Ltd (BUM) which is a service company operating out of the same offices at the same address. BUM owns all moveable plant and machinery plus all plant and equipment involved in the receiving of Nut in Shell (NIS), its cleaning, sorting, drying and dispatch to the investors chosen processor.

Macadamia Farm Management provides:

  • management in full and has varying management/advice arrangements with additional properties which are not connected to Bundaberg Macadamias Pty Ltd.
  • future planning and day to day management including a wide range of agronomic advice.
  • detailed monthly financial reports which includes the details of individual workers and their costs incurred by that property that month.
  • and employs all labour and hires workers out to orchards on a needs basis.
  • plans and designs specialised machinery to be constructed, owned and used by Bundaberg Macadamias Pty Ltd.

Macadamia Farm Management does not have any equity in any of the orchards or in Bundaberg Macadamias Pty Ltd..

Macadamia Farm Management can supply a full economic breakdown of project costs and has developed computer cost models using actual costs which can be used to analyse project options. Macadamia Farm Mnanagement also has access to complex industry economic modelling and a range of best practice scenarios.

Macadamia Farm Management has access to and regularly utilises some of Australia leading independent macadamia consultants to provide advice and ensure the company has the world’s best practice in all areas of its operations.



  • Complete economic analyses of potential projects. 
  • Monthly and quarterly complete financial statements to investors. 
  • Complete and part project development and management. 
  • Develop and build specialist macadamia machinery.
Macadamia Farm Management
Fact Sheet

Number of farms managed


Number trees


Area of farms

700 + hectares

Total Number Employees





Macadamia Farm Management

  • is an industry leader when it comes to innovation in the macadamia industry.
  • was the first to use GPS guidance, to develop and plant over 450 hectares of Macadamia Orchards in the Bundaberg region.
  • is a leader in the field of machinery development having pioneered double sided operations, significantly reducing operational costs and has recently built two of the industry’s largest double headed macadamia harvester capable of picking up 50 ton per day of de-husked nut.   
  • was the first to introduce ‘green-technology’ such as the weed seeker which identifies and sprays weeds only when they are present. 
  • has developed and built Australia’s largest on farm sorting and drying facility which has the ability to sort and dry 3,000 tons of nut per year. This facility, commissioned in February 2012 utilises both electricity and passive solar drying and state of the art Image sorting, with a capacity of over 3 tons per hour.  The image sorting of nuts being yet another industry first introduced by Macadamia Farm Management.
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